What are the network requirements?

Due to the large number of changes in this player, the network requirements have changed. The following requirements are subject to change:

Hostname Port (protocol)
fastly.cdn.snapcraft.io 443 (TCP)  
cloudfront.cdn.snapcraft.io 443 (TCP)  
api.logentries.com 443 (TCP)  
api.screenlyapp.com 443 (TCP)  
api.snapcraft.io 443 (TCP)  
dashboard.snapcraft.io 443 (TCP)  
data.logentries.com 443 (TCP)  
google.com (ICMP) Network check during pairing
login.screenlyapp.com 443 (TCP) Points to api.screenlyapp.com
login.ubuntu.com 443 (TCP)  
myapps.developer.ubuntu.com 443 (TCP) Points to dashboard.snapcraft.io
ntp.ubuntu.com 123 (UDP/TCP)  
search.apps.ubuntu.com 443 (TCP) Points to api.snapcraft.io
serial-vault-partners.canonical.com 443 (TCP)  
snapcraft.io 443 (TCP)  
us-assets.screenlyapp.com 443 (TCP)  
ws.screenlyapp.com 443 (TCP) Points to api.screenlyapp.com
mqtt.googleapis.com 443 (TCP) Reserved for future usage
mqtt.googleapis.com 8883 (TCP) Reserved for future usage

Please note that if you resolve the above hostnames to IPs and then whitelist these IPs in your firewall, your deployment will break as we use Cloudflare in front of our infrastructure to mitigate attacks.

You may also need to whitelist your DNS servers (which are retrieved from the DHCP server by default).


Last updated: 2018-11-29

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