How do I configure WiFi for the Screenly 2 Player?

By default, Screenly 2 is configured to use DHCP over Ethernet. If you need to do something more complicated (such as configuring WiFi or setting a static IP configuration on your Ethernet interface), this guide is for you.

1. Grab a USB stick - Important: The USB stick needs to be formatted as FAT32. exFAT is not supported.

2. Go to

3. Select "Screenly 2 Player".

4. Select "Configure WiFi" and enter in your SSID (Wireless network name) and Password. 

5. Only touch the other settings if you are instructed to by support, or you are knowledgeable about networking. 

6. Click generate config file, and a file named 'network.yaml' will be downloaded to your computer. 

7. Put the downloaded file onto your USB stick.

8. Eject the USB stick from your PC

9. Boot up your Screenly player and wait for the "Network interface has no IP address" error to appear.

10.  Next, insert the USB stick to a USB port on the device, and it should reboot and pick-up the new WiFi configuration.

If the network configuration is not picked up,(ie: the player does not reboot) simply try removing and re-inserting the USB stick again. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. 

All you need to do going forward to configure multiple devices is to use the same process and USB stick with the network.yaml file - (assuming that the configuration settings are the same for the new devices).

Please note:

* If you are using a disk image that is older than the April 18, 2018 release, the USB configuration will not be picked up automatically when the USB is inserted.

*5G connections are only supported on players using the Raspberry Pi 3B+ motherboard.


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