Why Are My Screens Showing Black?

If your screen is showing black with a faint Screenly logo in the background, please work through the following steps to try and resolve this issue.

1. Ensure that the status indicator on the Screens page is green next to your screen. This confirms that the screen is active and in sync. Please note that in sync players could still take some time (usually no more than a few minutes) to begin rendering content, depending on what is being displayed.

2. Confirm that the playlist is enabled.

3. Check that the right group has been assigned to the playlist.

4. Verify that any parameters you have set (scheduling dates, weekdays or times) are set up correctly. An easy way to check if this is an issue is to eliminate the reliance on time, and just set it to play today and any date after.

5. You can try restarting the players. From within the web app: Go to the Screens page, click on the screen, click on Manage Screen, then select Reboot. To do this physically: Disconnect the power, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect the power. You can then check to see if they come back online and start showing your content.

6. After working through these, you can give the following a try:

-Delete the current group and delete the current playlist.
-Create a new group named something different (e.g. "Test Group")
-Create a new playlist named something different (e.g. "Test Playlist")
-Add one asset to this playlist.
-Add the group to this playlist.
-Save everything, and wait for the screen to appear in sync (green status indicator).

If this works ok, then go ahead and add your other assets as well. 

If you are still having issues, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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