What do the Indicator lights on my Screenly Player / Raspberry Pi mean?

The Screenly Box 0 / Raspberry Pi 3B+ has 4 indicator lights that can help you identify when there are hardware problems. 

  • Next to the micro USB port used for the power cable there are two lights: one red & one green
    • Red LED, labeled "PWR" on the circuit board
      • a steady red light means the power supply is good.
      • flashing, blinking, or off completely means that the power supply is not providing sufficient power.
    • Green LED, labeled "ACT" on the circuit board
      • irregular flashes are normal and happen whenever the player accesses its memory
      • a steady green light when booting up means a missing or bad microSD card
  • On the ethernet port there are two indicator lights:
    • Both lights will be off if the player is using WiFi
    • Yellow LED ethernet socket left 
      • on = 100-Mbps connection
      • off = 10-Mbps connection
    • Green LED, ethernet socket right
      • on = link established
      • flashes during port activity
      • off = no link is established via ethernet
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