How do I configure networking for the Screenly 2 Player?

By default, Screenly 2 Player is configured to use DHCP over Ethernet. This is the most common use case. If you need to do something more complicated (such as configuring WiFi or set a static IP configuration on your Ethernet interface), this guide is for you.

Similar to the Screenly 1 Player, we use for network configuration. Make sure you select "Screenly 2 Player" in the first step. 

In the Screenly 1 Player, you had to place a file on the boot partition on the SD card.

For Screenly 2, instead, use a USB stick for configuration and place the network.yaml file on to the USB stick.

Hence, all you need to do is to configure multiple devices is to move around the USB stick.

Important: The USB stick needs to be formatted as NTFS, FAT32 or ext4. exFAT is not supported.

Please note that we have a bug in the current disk image that prevents the USB stick to be detected on the first boot. As such, you need to follow these steps:

  • Boot the device as regular
  • Let the device finish the first boot system initialization and proceed to an error message saying it is unable to connect to the network
  • Power off the device 
  • Insert the USB stick and boot the device
  • Wait a minute or so until the device reboots to apply a new network configuration

The device will then pick up on the network configuration and automatically reboot.

We will improve this in future release such that the settings are picked up automatically on first boot.

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