How do I configure WiFi for the Screenly 2 Player?

By default, Screenly 2 is configured to use DHCP over Ethernet. If you need to do something more complicated (such as configuring WiFi or setting a static IP configuration on your Ethernet interface), this guide is for you.

* Grab a USB stick - Important: The USB stick needs to be formatted as FAT32. exFAT is not supported.

* Go to

* Select "Screenly 2 Player".

* Configure your settings from the options and a file named 'network.yaml' will be placed on the USB stick.

* To use the USB stick simply boot up and wait for the "Network interface has no IP address" error to appear.

* Next, insert the USB stick to a USB port on the device, and it should reboot and pick-up the new WiFi configuration.

All you need to do going forward to configure multiple devices is to use the same process and USB stick with the network.yaml file - (assuming that the configuration settings are the same for the new devices).

If the network configuration is not picked up, simply try removing and re-inserting the USB stick again.

Please note:

* If you are using a disk image that is older than the April 18, 2018 release, the USB configuration will not be picked up automatically when the USB is inserted.

*5G connections are only supported on players using the Raspberry Pi 3B+ motherboard.


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