What happens if my internet connection goes down?

The impact of this event depends on a variety of factors. We designed the Screenly Player to cache all cache-able assets. When an asset is cached, it is stored locally on your Screenly Player. The Screenly Player can cache image and video assets. However, the device cannot cache live web page assets. If your internet connection goes down, all cached assets will keep playing. If you use live web page assets in your playlists, the Screenly Player will not display those assets during the internet outage. However, the other assets in your playlists will continue to play as normal. 

Note that the Screenly Player is only designed to survive shorter internet outages. If the outage lasts for several days, this prolonged event will eventually affect the device. After 7 days without an internet connection, the Screenly Player will stop working. 

Related questions

- How do I tell if my Screenly Player has cached all image and video assets?

Answer: The Screenly Player caches assets at the time of their first play-through on your screen. So, if your Screenly Player has successfully displayed your assets, it is safe to assume that they are also cached. 

- Will the Screenly Player display cached assets if it loses its internet connection and the device reboots?

Answer: No. After your Screenly Player loses internet connection, the cached assets will only play until the device turns off or loses power. If you turn off the Screenly Player and turn it back on without a working internet connection, the device will not play cached assets. Once the Screenly Player has a restored internet connection, all playlists and assets will display per your asset schedules. 

Note that cached assets on the "Play on All Screens" playlist will sometimes display if the Screenly Player turns on without an internet connection.

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