How can I troubleshoot issues with Screenly?

In order to better diagnose issues, we have created a tool for offline troubleshooting. This tool is helpful for diagnosing connection issues as well as other issues (such as broken SD cards). To use this tool, all you need is an empty USB storage device. Also: 

  • Make sure the USB storage device is empty (and FAT32 formatted). A 1-2 GB USB stick should be sufficient.
  • Insert the USB storage device into the Raspberry Pi. Let the USB device sit in the unit for an hour (or however long it takes for the issue to occur).

Once the issue occurs, simply remove the USB device and connect it to your computer. Send us the files from the Screenly folder on the USB device via a support ticket. The folder is named "Screenly Logs".

Please use to send these file(s) to us. 


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