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Our "V2 Beta Player" (a.k.a. Next Generation Player) is currently in the beta phase. This is the new version of the Screenly Player that we have worked on for well over a year. This player is a complete rewrite from scratch and will play an essential part of Screenly's future.

On this page, you'll find up to date information about the current state of the release along with various other information.

Hardware requirements

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • A class 10 SD card (8GB or larger)

Disk image

The disk image for the "V2 Beta" is separate from our regular disk image can be found here:

You then need to flash it out using Etcher. You can find detailed instructions for how to flash out the disk image in this screencast.

Network requirements

Due to the large number of changes in this player, the network requirements have changed. These requirements are subject to change:

  • (80/TCP, 443/TCP)
  • (123/UDP)
  • (443/TCP)
  • (TCP/80, TCP/443)
  • (TCP/80, TCP/443)
  • (TCP/80, TCP/443)
  • (TCP/80, TCP/443)
  • (TCP/80, TCP/443)

Important information

Since the current build is a beta build of the player, you will be required to re-flash the device as we move to production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a separate account for this version?

No, this player is using the same web interface as the regular version of Screenly. Hence you can have "v1" and "v2" players side-by-side in the same account.

What's new about the "V2 Beta"?

There are a large number of changes. We will outline the exact changes in greater details as we make the version public, but in short, it's a full rewrite from scratch that improves all aspects of the player and the player performance.

What operating system is the new player using?

Both the new and old version were running Linux. However, the new player is using Ubuntu Core, which is a hardened IoT operating system from Ubuntu. This means that there are a large number of security improvements in this release.

When will the beta end and this become the standard player?

This largely depends on how the testing goes. We are eager to make this happen, but it really comes down to how many bugs we encounter during the beta phase.

Is the "V2 Beta Player" a dedicated piece of hardware?

No, it's just a separate disk image that runs on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Will the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B be supported?

No, the new player requires the Raspberry Pi B 3 Model B. If you have a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, you will still be able to run the previous version of Screenly (until we finally sunset that version). 

Will the this version be open sourced?

No, this version will remain close sourced and only available for Screenly Pro users. We will however keep maintaining Screenly OSE on a separate code base. 

Will these devices count towards my regular screen quota?

Yes, since these devices will behave just like the regular devices as far as the web interface/CMS is concerned, they will count against the same quota.

Do I need to keep updating this device to get the latest features?

While there are changes that might require re-flashing, the player application itself will automatically update. 

Big-picture status

Feature State Comment
WiFi support 🐣 Ready
Static IP configuration 🐣 Ready
Splash screen 🐣   Ready
Manual NTP configuration 👩‍💻 We're working on it...
Full HD video playback 🐣 Ready
Image playback 🐣 Ready
HTML5 web playback 🐣 Ready
Screen rotation 🐣 Ready
Automatic software updates 🐣  Ready
Seamless transitions 🐣 Ready
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